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*April 1, 2023
A litter of beautiful Vizsla puppies was born with us on March 22.
4 females and 3 males, puppies and mom are doing very well.
Some puppies are available.
Both parents are champions and active huntingdogs.

*March 5, 2023
Puppies expected end of March.
Both parents are champions and active huntingdogs.

* November 5, 2021
Czech Hunters, Hungarian Vizslas, 216 hares.

* November 4, 2021
Short day for hunting with same Belgian hunters, Hungarian dogs, 75 hares.

* November 3, 2021
Belgian hunters, Hungarian Vizslas, 215 hares.

* October 25, 2021
Ok, i think i have some pretty cool news here now,

Recently a good friend told me that an excellent dog needs no papers or titles.
Still, if your dog is Hungary's very first Official Shorthair Hungarian Vizsla ever, that became International Field Trial Champion (CIT.FT), then my male's achievement deserves a mention.
Today the official paper has arrived

Nemzet Kincse Sámán and I had experienced one of our best years together.

March 27, 2021 - IFT Cegléd MDMTE, CACT, CACIT.

September 25, 2021, IFT Slaný EU CUP, CACT, Res.CACIT.

September 27, 2021, IFT Slaný EU CUP, Res.CACT, Res.CACIT.
* Golden Team Winner of the 22nd European Cup.
* Individual Winner of the 22nd European Cup.

2 and 3 October 2021
The first main breeding test for Hungarian Vizsla, Soponya, MVV. 215 points, 2nd place, confirmation test excellent.

October 23, 2021 - IFT Apaj, MPV, CACT, CACIT
October 24, 2021 - IFT Apaj, MPV, Res.CACT, Res.CACIT.

This concludes the competition year of 2021 very excellently.

I would like to thank all the people who have always believed in Sámán.
Yet I do not mention their names here, those people know that I am thinking of them now.
I now only mention, Csipkéskúti Juhar "Orion" and Luxatori Nyüzsgő, thank you both for this male.
Nemzet Kincse Sámán, thank you for letting me live all the great moments with you.
You are already a living legend to me!

* October 25, 2021

* Rédey Péter memorial competition CACIT field trial 2021.10.23. Apaj (HU)
Nemzet Kincse Sámán Excellent 1, 18 points, CACT, CACIT
Judges, Bakó Zsuzsa (HU) & Lole Djordjevic (SRB)

* Rédey Péter memorial competition CACIT field trial 2021.10.24. Apaj (HU)
Nemzet Kincse Sámán Excellent, 17 points, Res.CACT, Res.CACIT
Judges, Bakó Zsuzsa (HU) & Bora Kostic (SRB)

* October 21, 2021
are hunt.
169 hares on the plateau.

* October 13, 2021
Invitation for duck-hunting in Slovakia.
When your daughter goes on a hunt with her own dog for the first time, and you feel the pride rising above you.
Incredibly beautiful collaboration between Noa and Zsazsa.
Of course Sámán and Mellow also did their job very nicely.
Fanni was thrilled to be part of her first hunt, very promising future.
Katarina Kunaková, thank you very much for the invitation and see you soon again!
A great and perfect start of the season!

* 2 and 3 October 2021
The first main breeding test for Hungarian Vizsla, Soponya,
Nemzet Kincse Sámán -
MVV. 215 points, 2nd place, confirmation test excellent.

* September 27, 2021

The Magyar Vizsla European Cup Winner of 2021 is Nemzet Kincse Sámán!!!

How it started:

The Czech Republic will always have a special place in our hearts, especially because of all the friends who live there.
But also because Sámán's field trial career started in the Czech Republic with a super result.
Within 10 seconds he finished his
first run with a 150 meter run chasing a pheasant.
But he also obtained his first CACT
in his second run in the Czech Republic.
It's al
ways great to go there back.

Friday our ride started in the early morning.
Unfortunately, on our drive to Slaný, Czech Republic, Sámán's collar broke.
Of course I kept a collar on as a good luck charm.

Before we even left Hungary, Ákos already had a flat tire.
No gas station or car shop in the area, so just drive some miles and go back to Ákos.
Then continue with the ride with fresh courage.

The first field trial day was successful for both the individual and the team.
The water test day and the confirmation test, all dogs did this excellently and collected maximum points for the team.

The next morning I was awake half the night, the fire alarm went off from 3 a.m., I collapsed through the bed.... well I can still reach it.
I looked at Sámán, his faithful eyes looked at me, he was already ready.
Then I saw that broken collar again.
I said to Sámán, you know what, we're going to get that furry collar today.
I had promised him this several years ago, that I will put the furry collar on him.
May his name be forever remembered in the history books as the Vizsla who came, saw and conquered!
His eyes sparkled and jumped up to go.
The field trial that day was more than successful.
His run was so beautiful that the judges forgot to blow the horn at 1 minute!

Not only for Sámán it was successful, but there were many points in all batteries, which says a lot about the organization and the quality of the other competition dogs.
A total of 73 Vizslas of which 22 in derby, from 11 countries were entered.
A wonderful number of participants for the largest Hungarian Vizsla field trial event in Europe (World)
It is a pity that afterwards the 123 runs cannot all be viewed.

A very big mention, the judges of this XXII Magyar Vizsla European Cup.
All very correct and experienced, whoever listened could have received only positive criticism from them.
Great to see that all nationalities worked so well together.

Nemzet Kincse Sámán
FT day 2:
Battery 5 Winner, Exc.1, Res. CACT, Res.CACIT.
Judges: Chilly-Richard Chellumbrun Janina Votrubová
End results:
Overall European Cup Winner
Best Shorthaired Magyar Vizsla

My teammate: Ákos Csendes
Csővárberki Fényes
End results:
Best Wirehaired Magyar Vizsla
Res. European Cup Winner

As a team, not to forget, we took the gold place.
European Cup Team Winner 2021

Not so bad for a 2 persons and 4 dogs team ;)
Akos, I have enjoyed every moment in this team.

I would like to award the diamond place to Noa and Ágnes!
Without them this would never have been possible.

A big thank you to Katalin Noveczki and the Wirehair Vizsla Club of Hungary, MDMTE.
Our sponsors, Kos Fashion, VadaszkutyaShop and Hungarian Legends.

Finally, a big thank you for organizing this 22nd Magyar Vizsla European Cup, especially Lucie Svobodová and Petr Zoubek.
It was perfectly organized from the first minute to the last minute

It was more than a pleasure and an honor to be the team captain of this team, thanks Ákos.

Csővárberki Fényes - Ákos Csendes
Magasparti Rutinos Vili - Csendes Ákos
Nemzet Kincse Samán - Tim Ngoetra
Nemzet Kincse Marshmallow - Tim Ngoetra

For the insiders.
In 2021, the regulations
are finally officially recognized by the FCI.
This makes Nemzet Kincse Sámán the first official FCI European Cup Winner

See you next year

#kosfashionkft #vadaszkutyashop #hungarianlegends

* September 25, 2021

Results of Day 1 of the XXII Magyar Vizsla Európa Cup 2021, Slaný, Czech Republic.
11 countries, 51 Vizslas (adult)
Nemzet Kincse Sámán, Winner of battery 5, Exc.1, CACT, Res.CACIT. (Best Shorthair Vizsla of the Day)
Nemzet Kincse Marshmallow, Very Good 1.
My teammate Csendes Akos with Csővárberki Fényes, Exc.1, Cact, Cacit. (Best Wirehair Vizsla of the Day)
Thank you for judges J. Šabatka (CZ) and J. Stribik (SK)

#kosfashionkft #vadaszkutyashop #hungarianlegends

* September 24, 2021

All adult and derby teams of the XXII Magyar Vizsla Európa Cup 2021, Slaný, Czech Republic.

* September 9, 2019
September 6/8 2019 XXI Magyar Vizsla Európa Cup 2019, Mezzano, Ostellato Italy.
Nemzet Kincse Sámán - Excellent 1, Battery 3 Winner.

Nemzet Kincse Sámán - Best water retrieve (Double) judge: Angelo Bonacina

Nemzet Kincse
Tűzvarázsló - Best male in confirmation.  

* September 6, 2018
Our puppies
doing it more than wonderful, they grow and develop perfectly as expected.
On all fronts we can say that they meet the standard.
Beautiful appearance, great quiet and stable characters, natural interest in game and incredibly fond of water.
Just as the Vizsla really is supposed to be!

* August 13, 2018
Dear Vizsla lovers and friends.

We would like to share with you the most beautiful news from 2018 of our kennel.
In August we did 3 days of dogshow in Amsterdam, the Benelux Winner, the Specialties and of course the Worlddogshow.
I do not exaggerate when I say that we as Vizsla kennel have taken home the most beautiful titles!

Nemzet Kincse Tuzvarazslo became the new world champion of 2018 during the WDS.

Nemzet Kincse Sámán became the best male dog on 2 of the 3 days show.
During the Benelux Winner he even became the Best Workingdog in Show from 56 other work varieties.

Nemzet Kincse Orion became Best Junior Male during the Specialties show.
Proud owners Attila Dorogi and Annamaria Farkas congratulations on your results with Orion.

Judges of the Benelux Winner and Specialties: Vlastislav Vojtek, Nemanja Jovanovic, Ümit Özkanal
WDS judge: Wout Arxhoek!
We would like to thank all our friends and the judges who made this possible.
An extra mention, of course, for Attila Schlosser and Alexandra de Boer, who helped us with a perfect handling.
Thank you for all the people who can really be happy for us with our great dogs!

* Monday, June 25, 2018
A litter of Vizsla pups from a special combination was born with us on 22 June 2018.
There are 4 males and 7 females born.
Some of these puppies are still available.
If you are more interested, we refer you to our contact page

* 2018 June 06
June 2018 we expect a litter of shorthaired Vizsla puppies from a special combination!

* In the weekend of the Pápa and Mosomagyarovar succes, Noa also became 10 years old.
So it was a double big party in that weekend ;)

*Do you know that feeling?
So many years and dog shows and you're still waiting that once he goes to see your breeding.
I still have that... people who mean something for the big dog world... but especially their opinion does it with me.
On Sunday it was so far.
Mr. Andras Korozs the president of the Hungarian kennel club judged the vizslas.   
With all these years he has seen so much of the breed.
And he found Nemzet Kincse Tűzvarázsló as the Best of the Breed!!!!
Mosomagyarovar CAC 04.29.
Exc.1 CAC, Best Male, Best of Breed,
Judge: Andras Korozs   
BOG II. and Best Hungarian Breed II
Judge: Dr. Zsuzsanna Balogh
Luka was handled by Vaci Dorottya

*Pápa CAC '18. 04.28
Nemzet Kincse Tűzvarázsló
Excellent 1, CAC, Best of Breed, Group III.
and the most beautiful Hungarian breed III.
Handled by  Vaci Dorottya
under the judge Mr.Zsolt Lokodi (RO)

*On April 27th 2018 we get the confirmation of Sámán's new title.
His off
icial new name is Hungarian Working (FT) Champion Nemzet Kincse Sámán.
e has achieved this in less than 6 months, the winter break of 3 months may also be deducted. ;)

* April 21 2018 we went to Poland with our Bori for a mating with a lovely male.
It was a succesful mating, more news soon...! ;)

*Debrecen 2x CACIB and 2 days Field Trial Cegléd, 14-15. 04. 2018 MPC
On saturday on her first dogshow Helvécia-Vadász Gyémánt aka Zsazsa in very strong junior competition won Excellent 1/5 HPJ, Best Junior and Best of Opposite!!!
Breeder: Zsuzsanna DrBalogh
We are very proud of her!
Our great boy Nemzet Kincse T
űzvarázsló in champion class won Excellent 1/2, CAC and res. CACIB.
On sunday Excellent 1/2, CAC, BOB, CACIB, BOG II.
Saturday under the honourable judge Mrs.Viera Vítkova (SK).
On Sunday under honourable judge Mr. Dr. Bob G. Smith ( USA)
Zsazsa and Tűzvarázsló won also the 3rd place in couple on saturday.
And.... with the results of this weekend Nemzet Kincse Tűzvarázsló, is awaiting of his new titles
Hungarian Show Champion (H.S.Ch.)
and the International Beauty Champion title ;)
Dorottya Alexandra Váczi Thank you very much for the professional handling!
MPC Cegléd National Field Trial 14-15. 04 2018
Saturday Nemzet Kincse Sámán 15.p Very Good
Judges: Bako Zsuzsanna (Hu) Csikvári Mónika (Hu)
Sunday Sámán 14 p. Very Good
Judges : Molnár Zsolt (Hu) Csikvári Monika (Hu)
And the most beautiful moment of this weekend:
he birth of 7 healthy and strong offspring of our Nemzet Kincse Tűzvarázsló in the kennel from Kemény Noémi, Antaresi-Lang Vizsla kennel.

2018 April 7 - Hód-Mezőgazda Kupa 2 x FT (one day) Országos Vizsla Klub
Result of the morning FT:
Nemzeti Kincs Sámán - Excellent 1, 17 pt. - CACT
Honored judges: Zsikla Ferenc and Klára Komora
Result of the afternoon FT:
Nemzeti Kincs Sámán - CQN (Certificat de Qualités Naturelles)
Honored judges: Füzesiné Szegvári Zsuzsa and Tünde Bajorhegyi

He is also rewarded with the Hód-Mezőgazda Kupa 1st place!
Well, a very wise sentence of a well-known judge:
A field trial dog is never ready...
I think, his leader is also never ready!

* In the end of March, at invitation
we went to our friends in Kroatisch Burgenland, Austria.
We have done there 2 days CACIT FT, good organization, more than enough birds and good fields.
Verebely and Bertalan Mayer Ifj, thanks for the good care and the nice time!
A compliment for the organization for our friends of the Österreichischer Klub für Englische Vorstehhunde!
Sámán and I used these days for a good training.
Day 1 we had real funny wind, very rotating wind, Sámán passes behind and stands firmly in front of a partridge.
Neatly finished it, and then a few last minutes for style, but with the wind from the side and from behind you can forget the style a bit, which gave a good 1 as result.
The next day we had a stormy wind, Sámán got a final piece of field before we went further, he finished his time there, including some extra minutes.
He only found a rabbit that he left in peace (no, not in pieces :D ) unfortunately no bird.
Then the rest of the group can do their work with nice results.
At the end of the afternoon Sámán is called back, which is a big exception in Austria.
He does his work there again, very nice style, he almost flies over the field.
Then the end of the field comes into view again, I look to the right and see another piece of land on the other side of the road.
I do not know if I can go there, but we grab our last chance.
I send Sámán that direction and he goes almost to far into the other field, and with the judge already whispering for the end, Sámán stands still as a block of concrete.
I run like crazy, and with Sámán there we make a very spectacular point, according to the words of the judge
Point accepted, and which gave us excellent 2 as a result.
So we see again, you can have good and you can have excellent days in very different extreme circumstances.

CACIT Field Trial 17-18. 03 2018
Nemzet Kincse Sámán - 17 pont excellent, CACT, Res. CACIT
: Péter Attila és Vörös László
It was strong wind and
snowy field, and it was a really strong competition.

*26-11-2017 (update, Maestro has found his lovely family)

Hi, I'm Maestro and looking for a lovely family
I'm now 10 weeks old, and a very tough but sweet male.
You have to know that I like hunting and need a lot of exercise.

My father is Nemzet Kincse Sámán.
My mother is Csővárberki Eszes "Sára"

Well, what do you think, do you want me to be your family member?
Contact me by pm
on facebook, mail or phone.

* 09-10-2017
CACIT Caccia Starne / Field Trial Apaj, 2017.10.7-8 organized by the Magyar Pointer Club (HU)
Saterday 7 October 2017
Nemzet Kincse Sámán - éliminée
Best price of the day: the compliments and beautiful words of well-known judge Mr. Elvis Gospic
Judges: Mr. Elvis Gospic (Cro) and Mr. Berislav Pucar (Cro)
Sunday 8 October 2017
Nemzet Kincse Sámán - excellent 1, 17 pt. CACT, CACIT.
Judges: Miss. Fanni Verebely (HU) and Ms. Eszter Takács (HU)

Barrage: Briseovna Damashca Aponivi - Nemzet Kincse Sámán
Judges: Mr. Elvis Gospic, Mr. Berislav Pucar and Miss. Fanni Verebely

Thank you for the judges, and good organization of the day!

* 27-09-2017
On September 14, 2017 a litter was born
in our kennel.
From the combination Nemzet Kincse Sámán - Csővárberki Eszes "Sára"
There are 2 bitches and 4
males born.
males are available!
For interest please see our contact page

On September 25th we came back from
Naestved, Denmark, where we participated in the 19th Magyar Vizsla FT Europa Cup.
It was a great pleasure to be with Janos
Varga (Pázmándi Pipacs Vizsla kennel) in the team for Hungary this year!
Many thanks for Magyar Vizsla Klub Egyesület (MVKE) for the trust and support and sponsoring.
Huge thanks for our sponsors, Kos Fashion, Hódmezővásárhelyi Útépítő, Tiszaparti Termál Fürdő, Fejedelmi Pékség, Dr.Dósa Béla.
Furthermore, big thanks for all old friends and new friends for this great time.
And ofcourse, i forget to say the biggest thanks to my dear wife Agnes and lovely daugther Noa!

Sámán became the best
male of Europe Cup 2017,  in the approval day.
Very nice on this approval
day, Duna z Tišnovských revírů "Remény" became the best female!

Below the team captain's report:

Dear Vizsla Friends!

I like to have a little report on 19th Hungarian Vizsla European Cup 2017, held in Denmark
First, Hungary is ridiculous far from Denmark!
It was about 15 hours long, with many roadblocks, diversions, stoppers, especially in the Czech Republic and Germany.
We had a beautiful and great weather.
There was no rain in the three days, the wind was usually unfortunately weak, sometimes it was rotating.
Eight countrys with 45 Vizslas in the Open Class and 22 Vizslas in the Derby.
The first surprise came to us when it was announced, only four (!) Judges and only Danish nationals are judged by the four teams, so each team get 1 Danish judge!
The second is when we learned that three of the four groups have get sugar beet fields.
We got it on Friday, on the first day of the race.

Tim started with Sámán after two Danish and one English lady who managed to score. Sámán, like an Táltos, flew into the beetle, and the wet sloping terrain couldn't make him slower.
Unfortunately, the judge directed them to the previously searched area of the English lady, so there was not much chance of finding birds.
Then we go in with Bogi with the "delights" of the sirloin leaf.
She was searching with a regular Dalton pace.
In the 10th minute there was a nice game of wildlife, a pounded pheasant, a nice snorkel, but the bird just did not want to get up.
I thought I could help her in the deadlock and after knocking in a leaves, the hen became flying.
Bogi was still in place, I shot in the air, Bogi stayed still.
Judge nodded, leaned the exam and told me, there were still a few minutes out of the 15, so I ran.
We were at 15 when Bogi once again came up with a bird.
When I got behind Bogi, the other pheasant puppies started running in the cultivation trail, I signaled they would shoot because it did not want to get up.
The judge did not allow us to show us to go on!
After about 50 m, The bird finally fly, shot, and Bogi was again perfect.
Shortly afterwards I came in with Pipacs.
It was a surprise to me, too.
If the old girl was not looking so wide but persistent, she was high.
The judge liked it so much that he took 5 minutes extra on the 15.
Unfortunately, we did not come to a bird.
There were no ratings at the site, only shared on the base point.
Then came the black soup here!
Not that Bogi did not become the first, only "good" qualification, saying that the dog did not induce the bird, but the leader.
On Saturday, Derby took part in two groups with 11-11 exams.
Finally, we got beautiful fields near a disc range where the rifle sounded normally!
Wind was changing and rotating every time.
Once again, Sámán began.
He was looking for a great and real fast pace, he used the field with the rotating wind very well.
On half time, the field was clear and they had to go to a new field.
After climbing over fences and bushes, Saman had cut his paw on 2 places on sharp spots on the sharp stones and was bleeding a lot.
The judge asked if they want to go on, or give up.
Giving up is not in the dictionary of Sámán and Tim.
On the new (again) beautiful field, Sámán run perfect, very far and with strong turn.
You could not see that he had cut his leg on 2 places.
He started to pull on a partridge team, but he was to fast and it was a very nervous group of partridges.
Tim was far from the action, and could not stop him, the group decided to fly about 10 meters distance away from the upcoming Sámán.
Bogi followed in a somewhat wavy field.
There was a patrige here too.
Goddess, maybe it was just a round to find them, but as I got to the judge on a hump, the birds were crooked and they did not do the favor for Bogi to score.
The judge was very correct, seeing that the leader did not make a mistake.
We got another 5 minutes in a plus, the judge really liked Bogi's run, he would have set it in front of a bird, but there were no more birds in our area.
Here a little luck would have come!
Even on that day, they had considered the appearance and the waterwork.
Sámán was chosen for the most beautiful Best shorthair male!
Pipacs were also compared to the most beautiful female title, but the Czech female, Duna, became the most beautiful Best shorthair female.
On Sunday, in the second round of the Open FT, I was the first to start with Pipacs.
She showed me a weak, enigmatic run, and I did not know her like this.
We came to Bogi.
Rape plate was obtained.
Huge faster than Friday, a wide-ranging search characterized the run when one of the right-wing turns up the patrige.
She was immediately in place, but she did not have anything to beautify, she blew it up!
It was finished for us.
We were still hoping in Sámán!
He also flown almost in the field with extremly long distances and in the 15th minute there was the opportunity.
Before the field was over, Saman was standing silent as a piece of concrete.
The area was beautifully placed in a narrow strip of forest.
When Tim was behind the dog, we saw the patrige on the other side of the tree.
Tim could not see the tree crown, so he also could not see the flying bird.
That pech!
If Tim had decided that the referee gives up the shot (yes, you could choose!)
Then they had the perfect point!

The other Hungarian team, the wirehaired Vizslas, Zoldmali Kennel.
Zsófia Miczek and László Pap Vizslas, were excellent because they won the complex team competition in addition to the number of successes!
Great huge congratulations to them, since they brought home the golden pheasant trophy!

Sincerely, János Varga
Shorthaired Magyar Vizsla Hungarian team, team captain

Participating Vizslas
Nemzet Kincse Sámán
Tropical Fruit of Skyrocket
Pazmándi Pipacs Bogi

Team members
Janos Varga (team captain)
Tim Ngoetra

Together with team mate Janos Varga, we went to visit our sponsor KOS fashion, owner Ákos Horváth.
We were able to find a complete outfit for the Magyar Vizsla FT Europa Cup 2017.
Ákos, thank you very much for the beautiful clothes!

* 10-09-2017
On this day there are
in the Billegi Vadász kennel, owner Marco Baldoni, puppies born from the combination:
Nemzet Kincse Sámán and Nagyszorosi Vadász Blanka (Panni)

The plan is for us to find a female from this combination.

* 02-09-2017
Kecskemét national dog show 02-09-2017
2x CAC on one day, over 1600 dogs entered.
Nemzet Kincse Sámán
Excellent 1, CAC. working class (1/3)

Nemzet Kincse Tűzvarázsló "Luka"
Excellent 1, 1 x CAC, 1 x Ch. o
f CAC, Best Male
Best of Breed, Best of Group, Best in Show
and after that 2 BIS candidates opposite to each other.
Luka became SUPER BEST IN SHOW !!!!
Judges of this day: Mr. Paul and Mrs. Jeanne Lawless (IRL) and Mr. Jo Schepers (NL)
Nándor Orsó thanks for the professional handling.

* 12-08-2017
Nagyvázsony Field Trial.
Nemzet Kincse Sámán: Excellent 16 pt. II place. (11 entered derby dogs)
Judges of this day: Peter Attila and Molnár Zsolt.
Sámán has been officially elected the national team
of Hungary for the Magyar Vizsla FT Europe Cup 2017.

* 26-07-2017
On this day we got a new
member for our kennel.
Her name is Helvécia-Vadász Gyémánt '' Lady Zsazsa '
Zsazsa was born in the Helvécia-Vadász kennel of Dr. Zsuzsanna Balogh.
The parents of Zsazsa are Hubertus Imprint of Touchstar and Xena or Skyrocket.

Zsuzsanna Balogh, thank you for this beautiful female.


* 15-07-2017
As a Magyar Vizsla kennel we were appointed by the
Magyar Vizsla Club (MVKE)
to represent our beautiful breed on a few Hungarikum Nap.

This is a day where all Hungarian treasures are presented to the public in a festive and fun way.
Of course we participated
as a Magyar Vizsla kennel in Tiszaderz, Tiszaörs and Tiszaszentimre.

* 02-07-2017
Szentes CAC 2017
Judged by: Vinnai András
Nemzet Kincse Sámán Working class excellent I. CAC.
Nemzet Kincse Tuzvarázsló Champion class excellent I. CAC.

* 19-06-2017
On June 1, 2017, puppies were born in the Pitypang kennel of our
studdog Nemzet Kincse Sámán and Pitypang Diva.

From this combination we have chosen a
female called Pitypang Malna "Noa"
Noa is placed at Dr. Dósa Béla, where she found a good house and a
lovely family.
Zsuzsa Füzesiné Szegvári, thank you for this beautiful female.

* 18-06-2017
Tiszafured CAC
Results from Nemzet Kincse Tűzvarázsló
Champion class excellent 1. CAC.
Judged by Zsuzsanna DrBalogh
The most beautiful hunting dog
2th. place
Judged by Erdos László
Best of group
, 1st place
Judged by Erdos László
Judged by Zsuzsanna DrBalogh

* 06-05-2017
On May 6, 2017, the first litter of
our studdog Nemzet Kincse Sámán is born in the Czech Republic.
This litter is born in the kennel of our friends, Damashca Aponivi.

The mother of the litter is Ch Duna z Tišnovských revírů "Remény" winner Magyar Vizsla European Cup 2016!
From this
mating we asked a female.
he female is called "Carmina Burana Damashca Aponivi" and we call her Nova.
Given the ancestors and genetic treasures, we consider it important that we use Nova in our breeding vision.

Jarek and Zuzana, thank you for this beautiful female.


Puppies of Bori and Bátor are born on the 6th of June 2017.

Of these, all pups have found a good house and sweet family.
a is placed with a very good friend. (this will be announced later)

* 29/04/2017
Klubové Zkousky Vloh (ZV exam) - Lhota u Kelce, KCHHMO, OMS Vsetin (CZ)
Results of Sámán this day:
2th place, 225 pt, CACT!
Best shorthair Vizsla of the day and second best huntingdog of this day out 24 dogs!
Judged by Mr. Vladimir Bláha and mr. Petr Novotný, president of the Czech Vizsla Club.
Special thanks for the translation and my private shooter of this day for Silvie Neradilová ;)

Nemzet Kincse Sámán - Derby - Exc.II, 17 pt.
Judged bij
Mr. David Ježák and Ms. Eva Straková!

Special Club CAC Kaposvár (MVKE)
Lukasz: Excellent CAC BOS (Champion class)
Falco: Best puppy male, Best Puppy

Huntingdogshow Kaposvár (morning)
Falco: Best puppy male, Best puppy, Puppy BIS!!!

MPC Field Trial Cegléd (HU) 18/19-03-2017
Derby (9 honden)
NK Sámán
Day 1
Derby Winner, excellent 16pt
Day 2
Excellent run


International Field Trial Tiszanána (HU) 11/12-03-2017
(7 dogs)
Day 1
Nemzet Kincse Sámán - Excellent 2
Day 2

Excellent run - and after point Sámán thought he is also a bird

* 28-01-2017
A few more weeks and then all examinations
starting again.
We are already busy
with training.

* 07.01.2017 Budapest
Special Hungarian Breed CAC!
NK Falco : very promissing and Minor BABY BIS I (owner: Toth Fanni)
NK Fanta : very promissing and Minor BABY BIS II
NK Tűzvarázsló "Lukasz" Excellent I, CAC

Champions of Champions 2017!
NK Tűzvarázsló "Lukasz" Excellent II (2/4)

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