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Dear Vizsla interested,    

Nemzet Kincse
(national treasure) is a Magyar Vizsla kennel with big ambitions in Hungary.
The kennel name points back to the list of national treasures of Hungary where the Vizsla rises.
About the origin of the kennel we could also very extensive, but in short:
Once a Vizsla is always a Vizsla, while they are even more beautifull when you have more, so became our passion quite a life work.

We want our own bred bloodline bring back the old standard and maintain.
Our dogs do not have like nowadays frequent can be seen, large and coarse construction, and especially the yellow/green eyes!
Our dogs have the right character, the perfect temperament, beautiful warm brown eyes and beautiful and impressive elegance which the vizsla, makes the Vizsla.
The vizsla's we where breeding with are picked on health, bloodlines, and maximum performance in hunting and shows, but especially on an excellent character.
We would like to emphasize here that the origin of our breed is an ancient Hungarian Vizsla breed!
The ample knowledge and experience to a responsibly breeding of this beautiful and elegant breed is spacious available in the country of origin!
For the breed standard of the short-haired Vizsla please click here

We find that a vizsla is not only a hunting dog to be seen, but also as an ideal family dog to everyone is entitled.
However, we emphasize the exuberant, sweet and cheerful character of this dog, which needs enough distraction and a lot of exercise.

We have a responsibly bred with great care to the health, so any genetic defects can be excluded.
The puppies we sell have a pure, fresh and healthy Hungarian blood line!
We are registered with the F.C.I. and M.E.O.E. (Management Board on canine region in Hungary), and a member of the Magyar Vizsla Klub Egyesület and the MDMTE, the Hungarian Wirehair Vizsla Club in Hungary.
There is only bred according to the strict regulations established by them.
We like to mention that we have our own process, own kindness and own way of (lifelong) aftercare for your vizsla.

We work with a lot of dedication for the Vizsla's, with great respect for the animal, man and nature!
Our Vizsla's are seen and treated as a member of the family.
From the time a puppy is born but before that, it is also part of our family.
They are, therefore, every day and all day involved with our lives.
Our puppies have all the experience with people, children and other dogs.

Our daughter Noa is already visible lit by our passion, perhaps she is the next generation in the family.
For us a nice idea for the future, that the accumulated knowledge, in this way, always will be shared with love and passed on within the family.

We hope you enjoy your visit to our website.
The website get regularly updated, so maybe we can welcome you back again.

with loving Vizsla regards,

Agnes, Noa and Tim
Nemzet Kincse Vizsla kennel

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